NCA works closely with our project clients to develop optimized marketing strategies for the China market.  We also develop detailed roadmaps with clear and measurable milestones for our clients.  Through our proprietary partners in the China, NCA stays on top of the latest thoughts, movements and ideas in the China capital market.  This knowlege we openly share with our clients and partners, allowing them to market in China effectively. 
 Deal Structuring 
NCA understands that EB-5 financing is a powerful tool among many capital options.  We fully analyze a project’s capital needs and resources to provide the best positioning for EB-5 capital.  Additionally, along with our network for capital partners, NCA structures the most optimal rate and usage for EB-5 financing.
 Advisory & Consulting 
NCA provides expert, in-depth, and objective project evaluation, giving our clients abundant information and resources to enable their success.  We analyze project viability through compliance, competitive, and market analyses.  We also provide expert guidance on the transaction process, so our clients have a full understanding of project timeline, milestones, and risks.
NCA conducts expert, objective, and comprehensive due diligence for all our projects to ensure that we bring the best-in-class projects to the EB-5 market.  Our experience and track record has instilled unprecedented confidence in our syndication partners and our investors.  Among a large array of analyses, our due diligence thoroughly evaluates the following risks: financial, operational, funding, sponsor, compliance, and market. 
Throughout the EB-5 process, NCA actively liaises with and monitors both investors and projects to ensure the most efficient and transparent information exchange.  We work with our investors on pre-investment inquiries, case processing, and post-investment project updates.  Additionally, we provide our project clients up-to-date information on investor progress, so they can optimally manage their project cycle.
 Bridge Financing 
NCA understand that the timing and certainty of EB-5 financing is often a challenge for our clients.  For qualifying projects, we arrange bridge and contingency financing to ensure that our clients enjoy clear visibility on the timing and amount of funding.  Our relationships with our lender partners allow NCA to offer the most competitive rates in bridge and contingency financing, providing a one-stop solution to our clients.